A 2023 retrospective: Reflecting on a year of insight and transformation in financial services QA

05 Jan 2024

This month’s author:  Sian McKevitt, Operations Assistant at Assured Thought

As we enter the new year, it seems fitting to pause and look back at the whirlwind of innovation, challenges and learning that’s been 2023. In this blog, we revisit some of the pivotal moments in Assured Thought’s 2023 blogging journey. Each blog has marked a milestone in Assured Thought’s exploration of financial services quality assurance and served as a beacon for professionals seeking guidance and inspiration. 

The evolving landscape of quality assurance

Our year ended with a profound insight from Assured Thought’s CEO, Daniel Dore, who penned ‘Quality isn’t just engineered’ – a revelatory article about the financial services sector's seismic shift from traditional QA to quality engineering. Daniel navigated us through the nuances of integrating testing into every stage of software development, addressing burgeoning trends like AI and ML-powered testing, the pivotal role of software development engineers in test (SDETs) and the emerging practices of shift-left and continuous testing. His thoughts on fostering a quality-centric culture through leadership resonated deeply with our readers, echoing the necessity of adaptation in an industry constantly on the move.

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Automation: The new vanguard of financial services

In a similarly impactful vein, Laura Philbin's ‘A Complex Future’ delved into why private banking, wealth, and asset management firms need to embrace test automation. Laura's narrative wasn't just informative: it was a clarion call to action. She illustrated how, in our digital world, test automation is not just a tool but a strategic ally in fostering innovation, efficiency and security. The emphasis on the benefits of automation – such as its speed, accuracy and ability to handle complex tasks – was also an insightful testament to Assured Thought’s commitment to staying ahead in a competitive market.

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The cornerstone role of QA in software migration

Our journey through 2023's content landscape brought us to a pivotal discussion on software migration in private banking. ‘Lessons from the QA Trenches’ was a masterclass in QA’s critical role in navigating the treacherous waters of software migration. It highlighted how a robust QA process can be the difference between success and failure, ensuring data integrity, system compatibility and uninterrupted business continuity. This piece really struck a chord with our audience, emphasising QA's role in sustaining customer trust during these crucial transitions.

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Daniel Dore’s framework for digital transformation

Daniel Dore returned to the spotlight with ‘Delivering certainty in digital change and transformation’. Here, he presented a visionary 13-step framework – not just as a methodology but as a roadmap to successful digital transformation in financial services. Each step, from project authorisation to program organisation, was a deep dive into ensuring successful outcomes by meticulously addressing aspects like scope, design, quality and risk management, making this article a guiding light for many of our readers grappling with the complexities of digital transformation.

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The culinary art of software testing in wealth management

Perhaps one of the most unique and engaging posts of the year was ‘The secret sauce of wealth management’, in which Laura Philbin drew comparisons between two meticulous processes: creating a culinary masterpiece and integrating software testing and QA in wealth management. This narrative was not only creative but profoundly insightful, emphasising the criticality of early integration, prioritising security and compliance, and fostering a culture of quality within organisations. It was an article that went beyond technicalities, touching the artistic essence of our field. 

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Embracing regulatory changes with QA and testing

Back in June, we tackled the Financial Conduct Authority's new Consumer Duty rules in ‘Consumer duty rules OK’. More than a discussion about compliance, this article shared Assured Thought’s vision of transforming regulatory challenges into opportunities for strategic advantage. The article argued QA and testing’s potential to foster not just regulatory adherence but customer-centric growth and innovation, turning what many see as an obstacle into a golden opportunity.

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Quality 360: Revolutionising financial services QA

Laura Philbin’s introduction to the Quality 360 methodology in ‘A transformation worth celebrating’ was a testament to Assured Thought's commitment to innovation. Our seven-step framework isn’t just another box-ticking process: it’s a system to revolutionise quality assurance, offering a holistic view that integrates seamlessly with existing processes and scales flexibly to meet diverse needs.

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Essential practices for technology leaders in finance

Kicking 2023 off, Laura Philbin’s ‘Software testing in wealth and asset management’ offered senior technology leaders in finance a treasure trove of best practices. From risk-based testing to cultivating communication, each practice outlined was a building block towards achieving excellence in financial application reliability, security and user-friendliness. 

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Having bid farewell to the year, it's clear that Assured Thought’s 2023 journey has been rich with learning, growth and innovation. Each blog post aimed to improve understanding of quality assurance in financial services and also reinforced our commitment to excellence and leadership in the field. We step into 2024 with excitement about the new challenges and opportunities that await, ready to continue our journey of exploration and insight. Thank you for joining us on the journey – and here's to another year of transformation and success!

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