Lessons from the QA trenches: Quality assurance’s crucial role in private bank software migration

29 Sep 2023

This month’s author: Laura Phibin, Head of Operations at Assured Thought

Assured Thought’s head of operations, Laura Philbin, has been quizzing our industry veterans about a vital but often risky venture for private banks: software migration. In this month’s blog, she’s summed up their expert knowledge – which highlights the significant role robust quality assurance processes play in ensuring seamlessly successful migrations. 

Software migration has become an inevitable reality for private banks seeking to remain competitive and adapt to the changing technology trends of the financial services landscape. A successful software migration is critical for enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating cost savings and driving customer satisfaction – yet the process is often fraught with complexities and challenges that, if not managed properly, can disrupt service continuity and impact customer experience. As such, quality assurance (QA) plays an instrumental role in ensuring smooth, efficient and successful software migration.

Mitigating risks through thorough testing

One of the most significant risks during software migration is the loss or corruption of data. This can occur due to several reasons – such as compatibility issues between old and new software or incorrect mapping during data transfer. A robust QA process will include comprehensive data migration testing, verifying the integrity of test data after a migration. This will ensure all data is accurately transferred – without loss, corruption or duplication.

Ensuring system compatibility

Another challenge during software migration is that of ensuring new systems are compatible with existing infrastructures and other interfacing applications. Compatibility issues can lead to reduced performance or system crashes – or other unforeseeable outcomes that might affect service delivery. Making system testing part of a software migration QA process will help to verify new software’s seamless interaction with other system components, ensuring smooth post-migration operation.

Safeguarding business continuity

QA plays a crucial role in maintaining business continuity during software migration – which  is of vital importance to private banks, as any service interruption might lead to significant customer dissatisfaction and reputational damage. A robust QA process will include failover testing to verify that backup systems function properly and disaster recovery protocols are in place and effective.

Boosting customer confidence

Customer trust is paramount in private banking. Clients need to feel confident that their data is safe and that service delivery will not be disrupted during a software migration process. A well-executed QA process will not only ensure a smooth migration but also communicate to customers that their bank takes data security and service continuity seriously. This will boost customer confidence and enhance that bank's reputation.

Software migration with Assured Thought

In this era of digital transformation, software migration is a necessary step for private banks that want to stay ahead of the curve. However, it’s a process fraught with risks and challenges. At Assured Thought, we understand those complexities – and offer comprehensive QA services to help our clients navigate software migration. Our team of experts is perfectly equipped to handle each stage of your process from planning to execution, ensuring a smooth, efficient and risk-free software migration. We believe that a robust QA process is the cornerstone of a successful software migration, and are committed to delivering excellence to our clients at every step.


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