A transformation worth celebrating: revolutionising financial services QA with Assured Thought's Quality 360 Methodology

A transformation worth celebrating: revolutionising financial services QA with Assured Thought's Quality 360 Methodology

02 Jun 2023

This month’s author:  Laura Philbin, Head of Operations at Assured Thought

In this month's blog, Assured Thought's Laura Philbin shares insights on how the Quality 360 Methodology can help financial services companies provide their clients with superior user experiences. 

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors must ensure the quality of their software applications. With user expectations continually on the rise, financial services companies need to provide unparalleled user experiences to retain and attract clients. And that's where the Quality 360 Methodology – Assured Thought’s seven-step process for excellence – comes into play. 

In this blog post, we'll explore how Quality 360 is transforming the quality assurance process and elevating the performance, reliability and security of software applications within financial services.

Quality 360: seven steps to quality explained

The Quality 360 Methodology is a proprietary seven-step quality assurance framework that streamlines the testing process, delivering exceptional, game-changing results. 


Quality 360

QUALIFY establishes a clear roadmap to complete quality assurance, promoting transparency, accountability and alignment by defining policies, processes, goals, resources and responsibilities in comprehensive key documents.

USERS invites end users to actively collaborate in the QA process, promoting user satisfaction and creating higher-quality products through User Acceptance Testing (UAT), feedback and education.

AUTOMATION focuses on the assessment, selection and implementation of automation strategies. With the availability of innovative practices like CI/CD, AI/ML and DevOps, organisations' speed, accuracy, traceability and scalability can all be improved – ultimately leading to higher-quality products and services.

LEADERSHIP fosters a culture of clarity, adaptability, ownership, collaboration, open communication and stakeholder engagement amongst business and QA leaders – to continuously improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, innovation and risk management. 

IDENTIFY prioritises the early identification and mitigation of risks, issues and defects throughout software delivery. Risk-appropriate testing, key tools and techniques and stakeholder involvement – from design to deployment – all enhance software quality and reliability while optimising resources.

TEAM highlights the importance of skills training, qualifications, communication, collaboration, continuous improvement and clear roles and responsibilities in building and maintaining a strong, resilient and successful QA team. 

YEAR-END facilitates a comprehensive year-end review of performance, data and objectives, ensuring alignment and acting as a springboard for continuous QA and testing improvement by soliciting feedback and celebrating success. 

Quality 360 in action

By combining state-of-the-art tools, robust methodologies and advanced analytics, Quality 360 has revolutionised the way financial services companies approach software testing. 

Seamless integration

Quality 360 seamlessly integrates with existing in-house development and third-party platforms and processes, making it easy for teams to adopt and adapt. By leveraging Agile and DevOps methodologies, it accelerates development cycles, allowing faster delivery of high-quality software.

Comprehensive test coverage

By incorporating various testing techniques – such as manual testing, automated testing, and performance testing – Quality 360 ensures comprehensive test coverage. This holistic approach minimises the risk of defects slipping through the cracks and ensures a smooth user experience.

Real-time analytics and insights

The Quality 360 Methodology harnesses the power of advanced analytics to provide real-time insights into the testing process. This data-driven approach enables financial services companies to make informed decisions, optimise testing efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Scalable and flexible

Quality 360 is designed to be scalable and flexible, making it perfect for financial services companies of all sizes. It's as well-equipped to meet the needs of startups launching new products as it is to assist large enterprises seeking to enhance their existing applications.

Quality 360 results

Assured Thought clients embracing the Quality 360 Methodology have seen remarkable leaps forward in the quality of their software applications.

They report: 

  • Up to 30% reductions in wealth management application defects.
  • Up to 25% improvements in application performance.
  • Faster testing process release cycles.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Up to 40% decreases in application downtime.
  • Up to 20% increases in conversion rates.

The Quality 360 Methodology has truly transformed the software testing landscape, empowering financial services companies to achieve gold-standard performance, reliability and security in their applications. By embracing Quality 360, they enjoy the benefits of a seamless, comprehensive, data-driven approach to quality assurance – a transformation worth celebrating. 


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