Preparing for DORA: A Strategic Imperative for UK Financial Firms Operating in the EU

02 May 2024

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29 Apr 2024

The synergistic advantage: Blending expert consultancy into permanent teams

01 Mar 2024

Shifting the paradigm: Embracing shift-left testing and quality engineering in financial services for enhanced outcomes

02 Feb 2024

A 2023 retrospective: Reflecting on a year of insight and transformation in financial services QA

05 Jan 2024

Quality isn’t just engineered: Eight quality-enhancing financial services trends and one evergreen concept

20 Nov 2023

A Complex future: Why private banking and wealth and asset management firms should embrace test automation now

27 Oct 2023

Lessons from the QA trenches: Quality assurance’s crucial role in private bank software migration

29 Sep 2023

Delivering certainty in digital change and transformation

01 Sep 2023

The secret sauce of wealth management: why integrating QA and testing is a recipe for digital success

28 Jul 2023

Consumer Duty rules OK: Why compliance with the new FCA requirements is a golden opportunity when combined with QA and testing

30 Jun 2023

A transformation worth celebrating: revolutionising financial services QA with Assured Thought's Quality 360 Methodology

02 Jun 2023
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